Which domain is better to target this keyword?


Assume I’m going to target the keyword: cheap cars

which one of the following domains might serve as a better start?

mycheapcars.com or cheapcarshere.com


cheapcarshere is better then mycheapcars because your target keywords are come at first on cheapcarshare domain name

I agree keywords at the beginning are usually the best. And not that you have this problem, but .coms are better than all other domains.

What proof do you have of that?

If you’re talking about rankings-wise I have achieved no.1 rankings with .net and .info domains.

No their not, don’t spread FUD. All top level domains are of equal value to the search engines and COM / NET and ORG have EQUAL public notability.

Also ccTLD’s are of greater importance in regional websites and are counted above the likes of COM in that respect. Get your facts straight. :slight_smile: