Which domain for a graphics portfolio website?

Hi guys.

I’m starting a graphics portfolio website which I plan to use and update throughout my time at uni and other work outside of uni. It will mainly have graphics work and my photography work.

I currently have 2 domains which are unused - would any of these be suitable?

  1. http://www.benmdavies.com
    I like this because it has my full name in the URL, but the only thing that puts me off is the fact that I had to use my middle name initial in the middle of it. Also my surname “Davies” can be spelt “Davis”. But thinking about it further, the main way people would get to know my portfolio would be by an email/business card. Its not as if people are going to go on it from memory? Or am I wrong?

  2. http://www.psdworkshop.com
    I also have this domain, I quite like it but not sure if it suits a graphics portfolio as alot of work I do is done in illustrator as well as photshop but is this really relevant?

Any opinions would be greatly appriciated! Which would you go for, or would you re-think and buy a new domain?


Well, both are OK in my opinion. PSDworkshop.com sounds more like a graphics work thing (freelance/company) but benmdavies.com sounds like a personal site and portfolio.

What I did was that I used my “mrnordstrom” as my personal site and blog, which at one point had a link to my portfolio. The portfolio itself was on my company domain (“nintera”) with contact details, description of work I do and so on. So I guess you could use them both if you want.

Otherwise I would go with the first one since it sounds more professional to me and it allows you to build a brand around yourself.

Thanks for your view!

Do you think the fact that it has an M in the middle of it is an issue? Also do you think the chance of people mis spelling my surname would be an issue?


No problem! The “m” is another letter to remember and makes the domain slightly longer but I don’t think it’s a problem. Makes it a bit more unique in my opinion, looks good. The surname would be a bigger issue, perhaps sometimes people would misspell it but I wouldn’t worry about that so much. I’d pronounce the two surnames a bit different but then I’m not American so I’m not 100% sure what’s correct. :slight_smile:

That is good idea to have your business name in your domain name. If your business name is the same as your real name I suppose that first variant is not bad.
However if you are using both of those domain names at the moment I suppose that might be better idea to have new domain name registered for that purpose.

benmdavis.com is still available according to namecheap.com - if you are worried people are going to input your surname wrong register benmdavis and just put a redirect on it to benmdavies.

I believe your name should be catchy and that should be the main idea of choosing your domain name for your business.