Which do you prefer?

Can you help us solve an disagreement we have been having?

Which do you prefer?

  • Internet Retailer
  • eRetailer
  • eTailer
  • All are fine
  • Other

Many thanks

internet retailer. unless you are speaking to a developer or programmer someone involved in the industry

I take it from the lack of response, most people don’t care?

i believe you are working hard for the keywords.
I prefer eRetailer. Short and simple and yet include Retailer keyword that you need to target.

Without a context it’s really not something I think most people can give an answer on…

Are you talking to a consumer? A business owner? An enterprise business? A media outlet?

Yes, some context would defintely help, although, in general, I have seen e-tailer and Internet Retailer more often than eRetailer…