Which CSS Framework should I use?

I know this is an old question but I’m still confusing which css framework should I use between Bootstrap and 960gs maybe or not. Hope anyone can suggest me. Thank for reading.

I’d recommend none of them - it’s better to learn to write your own CSS first. Once you understand how they work you’ll be in a better position to adapt a framework to your own needs.

There’s no real answer to this, except which suits you best. For example, people who love Sass (a CSS ‘preprocessor’) might lean towards Foundation, while those who like Less (another preprocessor) might lean towards Bootstrap. Really, though, you just have to try them out and see which you prefer. Or just use none at all, FTW! ( :shifty: )

Ya I agree with you. I already used both of them and realized that just copy part of them to use in my own css. The hardest problem with me that font-size and line-height. Sometime it drive me crazy. Ex: center between logo and navigation.

@ralph-m I use LESS in my own css :smiley:

There are various ways to handle that (be it line height, or vertical-align etc.) so if you are having trouble, just post an example and we can assist. :slight_smile:

I use more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya of course, this forum have various good designer, i really love it :smiley:

That’s good to hear. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I know this is an old question but I’m still confusing which css framework should I use between Bootstrap and 960gs maybe or not.

I think the old grids have much had their day now and people are looking at things like bootstrap or foundation instead.

As others have mentioned its no good using these unless you have a good grasp of html and css first otherwise you will never be able to dig yourself out of the hole that you may find yourself in. Bootstrap isn’t as bad as people make out but a lot of the time it is unnecessary for a small site and is more use in larger projects where a team can work on a design using consistent methods.

In some ways it does make life easier if you stick to the grid and use all the defaults and especially the built in library of jquery functions for the most common tasks (drop downs, modals, tooltips, hide and show etc). However if your design doesn’t fit the grid you may end up using custom html and not using any of the grid classes or structure which may be a waste of resources.

There have been a few similar questions over the last couple of months so may be worth doing a forum search for other answers.

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I thought you were useless :slight_smile:

thank Paul for useful information. I think we just use part of css framework, i see in many templates from themeforest, they use bootstrap but custom it. I think it a good way :slight_smile:

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Don’t get sassy, buster. But all the same, I do confess that, although I don’t use Less, I am indeed useless. :slight_smile:

It isn’t fair to toss preprocessors and frameworks in the same bucket. They each serve very different purposes. Though it is common to use a framework when pre-preprocessor is used. I myself prefer SASS without a framework. Though using Drupal I tend to use what is recommended in the theme in use. For my current project we are using the Drupal theme [url=https://drupal.org/project/radix]radix that uses SASS stack and Bootstrap. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Bootstrap but it is a mute point. Unless you work by your lonesome it is more than common to use many different technologies over the span of several projects. So it can’t hurt to become at least familiar/aware of the most popular ones.

Yes, I didn’t meant to, really. I just know a few people who have chosen one framework or the other depending on which preprocessor they prefer to use, that’s all. Bootstrap is ready to work with Less out of the box, and Foundation with Sass, which helps some people decide which to choose.