Which CPC network should I use to advertise with?

I cannot use Facebook and Instagram advertising because it has bugs and I’m waiting forever for them to reply to me on their forum and I can’t use AdHitz because they haven’t accepted Skrill yet as Payza keeps declining my card. I’m having a bad experience with Reddit advertising as I’m not getting enough clicks off them and I have my reservations about Google Adwords as the clicks aren’t being tracked on my analytics…

I looked on AdsWiki. Adswikia, Ad Network Directory but they list hundreds of advertising networks and it’s not feasible for me to sign up to hundreds of them to see which one is the best.

I’m looking for a PPC advertising network I can use to advertise two websites.

Your Price (“Get Paid To” website that pays people to visit websites and complete surveys)

Compesh (debate and Q&A forum)

What PPC advertising network do you recommend I use for advertising my websites and why?

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