Which course software to use to cater for user input


Currently working on a few instructional screens for a school student administration program.
Parents can use it to check on homework en results.

I have created a few small videos consisting of a sequence of static screenprints of the program on which arrows and text balloons appear to guide the viewers through that program.

I would like to add some user interaction so that rather then seeing my arrow popup and pointing to the button they need to press for the next step they actually have to mouse-press a lookalike button.
At the right spot of course.

Just imitating the real thing so the users get more a real feeling of what is needed to go to the next step in the program.

Any ideas?


Dear if you just go with the simple icons set it would be really helpful for the user to interact with your application, & much more usual like other sites .

Well, it really depends on what you want to do and how you’re delivering the message (CD, pendrive, streaming…)

Also in the type of animation that you’re thinking and its complexity.

My first suggestion, with this limited information, is to go with an outdated technology (or maybe not so much in the near future, now that it has changed its name to Animate CC) called Flash.

But the thing is that you can use anything you want, from web technolgies to Microsoft Power Point

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