Which Control Panel?

Which Control Panel do you Prefer for

  • Shared Hosting Plans
  • Reseller Plans and
  • VPS Hosting Plans

They aren’t control panels as such. What are you really asking here? A control panel is more something like CPanel, which can come with any of those options.

Off Topic:

It worries me that you are asking a question like this but also advertising web hosting in your signature. A poor advertisement. :-/

Recomending Cpanel for all… <snip />

All the best.

Cpanel and WHMCS is the only best option for us as it is very easy and user friendly… Plesk panel is also good but most of my novice customers can’t handle it with ease…

are you asking about above three type hosting facilities our control panel like cPanel and Parallels Plesk ?

I think the OP is asking which control panel members prefer for each type of hosting account.

However, unless they return to the thread soon to show that they’re still interested in replies, it will be closed.