Which commenting system?

I have built a custom blog(it is not based on any platform like wordpress or something else).
And now I am trying to add a commenting system.

The question is what to go for here.
Make a custom commenting system or maybe integrate to the blog something ready as Disqus for example?

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Go with Disqus, it’s well tested and works good. It’s one of the most-used commenting platforms and people are already used to it.

Another alternative might be Facebook chat, but that scares some people off thinking they wil reveal their anonymity (which it does on occasions)

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yes…but would it be easy for example to store the comments in my database?
Does Disqus offers such functionality?If yes…will it be easy to implemented it or would it require a lot of coding?

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You can implement an own user-database with disqus, but not an own storage system for comments afaik. Which is one possible point of failure and security breach less in your application, generally, so it’s not a bad thing.

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What do you mean exactly by saying “not an own storage system”?
Sorry…I did not quite understand this?

You can’t save comments into your own database.

And where these are stored?

In databases of Disqus, at Disqus servers (since they are public anyways). It has APIs and you can manage them there partially (you can actually delete comments etc.)

Are there any negative aspects to it?Instead of storing it in my own Database.
It is first time I am attempting to do such thing an I do not know long-term if there is a problem with that approach.
Ok…you said it offers security protection…

In most cases, I assume yours is one of it, there are no negative aspects. If you discuss private topics or your next drug deals in your commenting systems, you might run into problems, but as long as you stick to content that’s publicly available anyways, it’s all good.

Like I said, you can implement your own system now and have one more aspect of your web application that might contain errors and security breaches, Disqus on the other hand is well tested and secured, used by millions of web-enthusiasts every day.

I suggest you stick to it :slight_smile:

(I’m not affiliated in any ways with Disqus, I just use it as well and I’ve always been absolutely satisfied with it)

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got it…thanks

the only problem with Disqus is that it comes with some features that I might not need them and I do not know if there is option of removing them.

I am talking for the recommend and share links that appear above the input box.
Do you know anything about removing these?

These are the only configuration options that disqus provides. I don’t think you can disable them.

And this maybe be the reason not to use it…all these features are “clutter” from a design point of you.

I will think about it.

You can moer approach to commenting! Like that facebook, Disqus it’s very much tried and works great. It’s a standout amongst the most-utilized remarking stages and individuals are as of now accustomed to it.

[quote=“HarrisSmith, post:15, topic:226302, full:true”]
You can moer [/quote]
what that means?

I also do not understand what that means

“The most-utilized remarking stages” looks to me like a “spun” version of “the most-used commenting platforms”.

(You would be amazed how many members think that “spinning” something is OK, despite the fact that it usually renders it unintelligible, as in this case. Why not simply write something in your own words - or copy it correctly and give a proper attribution for the source?)

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