Which codecs for proper video conversion via ffmpeg

Hi guys

I am working in a project where users will upload video, which will then be converted to various formats for cross platform use. Different browsers, smartphones including the i-series of phones and tabs.

I was using ffmpeg for the converting, and found that videos are not getting converted properly. So I asked the server guys and he told me that he can manually configure the ffmpeg for me if I tell him the codecs I need.

Being not well versed with the codecs required, I thought to seek help from people here, in case someone has an idea.

The videos will be uploaded and viewed from macs and pcs, computers and phones and tablettes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

ffmpeg is essentially self-contained. It doesn’t really need any extras.

However, writing a command to get the correct format you want with the options you want can be a bit tricky.

To do that, I’d recommend taking a look at WinFF. It’s basically a GUI front-end for ffmpeg. Once you get the settings you like, take a look at the command that gets generated and use that in your web application.

As for the file format to use on the web, an h264 mpg4 file is cross-compatible with just about every modern browser at this point.

Thanks a lot for your reply force :slight_smile:

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