Which Code Editors Display Program Variables and Can Test Run Snippets

I am new both to SitePoint and to Javascript, so please do not penalize me too much if some of my terminologies are incorrect.

My programming reference is Matlab that has a script window to write scripts, a command window to run code and test variables, and a workspace window that displays all variables with their values and their types. Now with Javascript I am looking at Dreamweaver, Brackets, Atom, and VS Code.

  1. Do these 4 have a command window (not to be confused with the DOS prompt terminal in VS Code) that simplys runs snippets of javascript code as it is without bringing node.js into this, and another separate window that lists program variables with their values and types?

  2. What about other code editors for writing Javascript?

You’d run your tests in the command line, no matter what editor you use. Full IDEs like IntelliJ/WebStorm can probably do it as part of the IDE, but you’re still better off using the command line. Don’t rely on your IDE to do this for you.

VSCode is pretty much the #1 editor right now. Stay away from Dreamweaver, it’s completely outdated. Atom and Sublime are also good, but VSC is just better in almost every way. WebStorm is good, but it’s not free and personally too bloated for me.

Coincidentally, I was just reading this article that showed up on Hacker News today, which goes over a few options:


And the HN discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18620404


Hi @kittensneedlove, you can always use the console and debugger of the browser dev tools for things like this; with VS Code you can also connect to the chrome debugger and inspect your variables at runtime directly from the editor. To only run simple snippets you might have a look at quokka, which is a scratchpad for VS Code with live expression evaluation very similar to the browser console.

BTW as you may have guessed, I fully concur with @mawburn’s code editor assessment. :-)

@mawburn, @m3g4p0op, Very Thank You All Much. As you have guessed I am a newbie to code. Both of your inputs have mounted up with others, so I am going to committ to the move to vscode. I have seen a few online services ($$$) that teach programming in js with vscode. Unless I can find a full user manual for vscode, I will probably hook up with one of these online courses. Do you all have any opinions on this?


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Well here are the official docs:

They are actually pretty extensive and even have some videos (not really my cup of tea but seems to work for some). ^^ Anyway personally I’d just start coding and play around a bit with the editor while keeping a tab with the docs open; then see if you still feel the need for a paid course after you got acquainted with the basics.

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