Which CMS you think is the best content manager

Content is king in SEO and Content plays a vital role in bringing business to organization and is having major considerations in terms of technicality too.

My major aim is to start a discussion on this topic because I want to know the real user behavior.

Does one really think of the content requirement while choosing a CMS? Or does user just go through technical perspectives only? .

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In my mind, a CMS is there to support the generation of content, so I’d tend to think of it in terms of ‘ease of use’, rather than what the content is per se. Ease of use generally comes from the chosen post editor, clarity of instructions, embedded process for publication, approval hierarchy and so on. I do think those on the technical side of the question may not always be the best to make a call on that though - generally speaking, they’ve seen that many options, that navigating their way through the seeming miriad of different conventions is a relatively straightforward task, where the lay end-user actually generating the content can find progress killed stone dead.

Did this just become a UI/UX question?

I agree sum how. but your statement conveys the message that designing is auxiliary, but not primary. As per you CMS is for User Interface and User Experience?

A CMS is a tool for managing content (as the name indicates). That’s largely a technical issue, IMHO. The better CMSes don’t dictate what your content should be, how it should be organized, or how it should be presented. The only usability/UI consideration would be how easy the system is to manage for the client, rather than the site visitors.

In choosing a CMS, you need to understand the technicalities of how the system works and what it’s capable of to decide if it’s right for your need or not.

A lot depends on content. IMHO that should be a key factor if not the deciding factor.

Is the content to be simple text?
Image heavy?
Lots of tabular data?
Code examples?

How often is the content to be changed?
Is “old” meant to be archived or removed?

There is no “one answer fits all”, it really depends on “what’s best for the client”
In that respect there is no such thing as a “best content manager” except on a “for this client” basis

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I don’t believe I’m saying that. If a CMS is being designed for a purpose, then all those things I’d mentioned are part of the what needs to be addressed by designers/developers and so on.

One thing I do want to check though, are we talking about taking an existing CMS (Drupal, Joomla, b2evolution, Wordpress, vBulletin etc.) and basing a design on that, or creating a CMS from scratch? Or are you thinking from the perspective of how well does a CMS manage the content technically behind the scenes, as opposed to how well does the CSM support someone feeding content into it?

Because Content is king so it is obvious that I will be thinking only about how well a CMS manages the content with all technical/non technical aspects.

You are talking
“Make the Content fit the Design”
“Make the Design fit the Content”

My personal preference is to design around the content, but I guess in a “shop” situation having the clients adapt to the CMS’s constraints would be more feasible.

Slight correction - useful content is king

I’d say yes to that question every time. A CMS has to be adaptable to the needs of the content, presentation, and management. The content is always the first consideration, from that you will be able to work out the required data structures (eg the Structured Content), and from there you should be able to match a suitable system, whether that’s off the shelf, custom made, or a hybrid of both.

Drupal is best for professionals . Magento and Prestashop is best for those who want to create an Ecommerce website . Joomla may be best for Templates and WordPress i think should be best for making themes

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