Which CMS to use for uploading new images to this site?

Ive built this site for a friend:


I need to hook it up to a cms so he can add new images to it very easily. The site uses the Galleriffic Jquery plugin.

Ive only ever used Cushy CMS so far for another site. Clearly, I need something that can handle images, but that is not too complicated and that I can easily hook into this site. The most important thing is for him to be able to add new images without me having to write more markup.

Can anyone recommend a cms for this purpose?


It is going to be very difficult to merge your website with any of the CMS solutions out there. However I don’t understand why don’t you just use FTP to upload the images and then as far as I know you need to put 1 line of html code in your website for the new images to appear in your gallery. It’s very very simple to do and by far the easiest method. Again trying to merge your website with any CMS will make your life a lot more surreal just warning you. Anyway if you don’t take my advice and still want to do it I would recommend Drupal it should make your life a little more bearable.

Thanks for your response. Thats very interesting!

I guess I wanted to avoid ftp because my friend wants to avoid going into the html and things being too technical for him. Im happy to do it but hoped I may be able to connect it to a cms to make it easier.

Someone told me I would be able to connect the existing gallery to Perch, then add new images using the image uploader on there. Do you know if this is true?