Which CMS should I use for my site? GetUpReadUp.com

Hi there,

I was thinking of building a back end myself in Php for my simple website which I am manually updating.

Can someone kindly suggest some CMS that could do the job?

My site is getupreadup.com

I have never used a CMS

I would like to:

  1. Be able to update any links via CMS or even mobile
  2. Archive past pages
  3. Filter links by country and importance

Thank you.

Sorry, I tried using wordpress and I managed to tweek it but wasn’t really what I wanted. Is there any CMS out there which is dead simple that can be used for my website. If you click on it you would see that it is super simple and that’s the way I would like to maintain it. Wordpress templates (although relatively simple) were not really what I wanted. Maybe I have to build the templates up from scratch. Is there a CMS which is best when starting from bottom up. Please, I would love some help on this and would be very appreciative because I am half way coding a PHP back end and want to see if a CMS would do the job. Thank you.

Please refer to the “What CMS packages are there?” sticky thread.

For your specific needs I would recommend either Drupal or Concrete5. WordPress is not a real CMS and as getupreadup has stated it’s overly complex when you’re not using it like a blog platform.

You could probably achieve just about all of that without any programming in Drupal. The only place that might need some programming is converting country codes to flag images when displaying the headlines. Drupal would probably be a over kill for what I’m seeing but would make it easy to accomplish without programming knowledge. Though Drupal itself is a beast to learn even from a end user perspective without any programming. if you know PHP/MySQL it would probably be easier to just build that simple site manually perhaps using a light framework like Silex for utilities.

Sounds like you can use Drupal pretty easily for this. There a number of tools to help you migrate your content into it. Drupal has a concept called “taxonomies” to help you categorize and filter your content.

I would have to say that Mambo/Joomla can be the most flexable CMS for mobile.