Which certificate is the best for me?

I’m a freelance web designer, heres my portfolio site,
I would like to do what it takes to make a career out of doing this type of work. So im guessing a certificate needs to be gotten.
There seems to be a lot of junk out there and was wondering if you had any suggestions on which one would make mew the most employable?

I would work on being proficient with skills that customers are looking for in a freelancer.

For example, being able to build responsive websites, SEO, etc.

Having a professional looking websites and a solid portfolio will also help.

Once you have those then consider certifications.

P.S. Your website is so tiny…

@lukeurtnowski A little constructive criticism if I may. While your site and portfolio show that you can make websites, I did notice that none are responsive. Sites like that would be considered fine when you started 10 years ago, but may not stand up to today’s web. It may be worth your while updating your skills to more contemporary methods, like using html5 and creating responsive sites. Like it or not, mobile web traffic is more important than ever, it’s still growing and likely to overtake desktop traffic. You need these skill to compete today and in the future.

I think it would help if the following test was successful:

Google Mobile Friendly Test

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Certifications only really work for corporations, and even then they are becoming less and less relevant.

Building a network of clients and developing a comprehensive brand and web identity will go further for you than any sort of certification. Making sure your site is modern and consistent will help greatly.


ok, thanks

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