Which back-end language to learn in 2016?

Which back-end language to learn in 2016? Php,Javascript,Python or Ruby :smile:

One of SitePoint’s most popular posts this year was this one on choosing a programming language: http://www.sitepoint.com/whats-best-programming-language-learn-2015/

See if that helps. There’s a popular follow-up here, which focuses on job demand and salaries: http://www.sitepoint.com/best-programming-language-learn-2015-job-demand-salaries/


Javascript is not a back-end language :wink:

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I know what you mean, but for clarity, it can be: https://nodejs.org/en/

My assumption reading the OP is that’s what they’re talking about, as it’s a pretty popular option for people learning backend or full stack dev right now… just didn’t use the appropriate term :wink:


Which ever one can provide gainful employment in your area…

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Weird. My website totally runs on JavaScript on the back end, complete with MongoDB databases. I must be a wizard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely :wink:
I had already been corrected five days ago though :smile:

A lot of businesses are picking up Node.js, because it performs well, it’s easy, and it just makes sense. So out of the choices you gave, absolutely Node.js, unless you have a reason to pick up one of the others.

But if your goal is getting a job and don’t have any other skills or qualifications, this may not necessarily the right path depending on where you live. You should probably still understand how Node and NPM work and how to use them.

Thanks for answers,I am beginner I didn’t know that JavaScript is not backend language :slight_smile:

It is with NodeJS.

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