Whether Infolink is harmful?

I want to know whether Infolink advertisement on text mentioned in the post is harmful for Page Ranking ? whether it means it is outgoing link ? I am new in blogging hence i dont know much about this.

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Harmful in what way? What are you trying to achieve with your blog?

Not only infolinks, all other ad links are out going links from your site or blog.

You need both incoming and outgoing links for your site to appear legitimate to the search engines.

The Infolinks outgoing links are added via JavaScript and therefore are unlikely to be taken into account by search engines. If the search engines do recognise them then they’d also recognise that they are paid advertising links and so would ignore them on that basis. So you still need other outgoing links that are not ads and not added via JavaScript in order for the search engines to consider that you have a legitimate site.

Dear Sir,

I am very much thankful for very clean reply which i was wanting…

Can you clarify one thing also ?..Actually my blog <snip>. My google page rank is 0/10 and further, Ad sense is rejected due to copy right content. Actually my blog is for Chartered Accountant profession and i gather all professional information at one place for professional community…And it will always similar because circular and notification issue by ICAI or government authority.

I dont know how can i solve the prob of page rank and ad sense ?

Please suggest me.

It only professional bog… <snip> Harmful in the sense of page ranking…means incoming and outgoing links balance…

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Hi all, this is Pamela from Infolinks. I wanted to chime in here to note that as some other members have mentioned, Infolinks is not harmful to your website in any way. It does not reduce Page Rank, SEO or otherwise. In fact, we have a pretty great product that help reduce your bounce back rate. Our Search Widget is a fantastic product for boosting your site in the right direction, as well as boosting your revenue. Happy blogging everyone :slight_smile:

Hi, Info-links are not harmful for each and every website having these of links, if you’re selling some of products or any other things then your traffic divert on other websites through these links. Otherwise is no reason behind these kinds of advertising.