Wheres the Site Planning forum on SP?

I have started a thread while planning the content for my new site and was pondering where the best place to start the discussion would be. I finally settled on content writing.

So far we have:
-Design your site
-Program your site
-Manage your site
-Content for your site

Wheres the all important “Plan your site”?

I’m not sure planning really needs it’s own section, after all, planning is just talking about the act before it’s carried out.

Most planning questions are usually best answered by those who hang out in the sections of the forum which are going to be carried out. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm maybe I just need some direction.

Where would be the best place to discuss information architecture?

You saw my previous post in the content section. Is that placed in the most effective forum?

Probably web page design (unless it’s content specific), though I expect wherever you post it there’s likely to be an answer! :slight_smile:

Web page design should be content specific seeing as the two are so intrinsically linked!

Although to look at the posts in webpage design. The majority of these post are related to browser/css issues.

This is why SP is such a great place to learn and evolve!

Don’t worry too much about where you start a thread, just do the best you can and make a “best guess” effort. There’s often so much overlap even I’m not 100% sure at times, eg. where do I put a question about a PHP file that pulls info from a Database to use in Javascript that changes the CSS? Once I know what the problem is it’s easy. Sure. But if I knew I might not need to ask!

General Development issues perhaps?

I think it’d be good to have place to discuss information architecture in regards to content flow and general website organistation.

Maybe it could be a sub-forum the of “Manage your site” section.