Where to start?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to do the following with PHP

  1. A program from a server running MyDesktop sends a new XML file (commaus_2016-03-09_09-18-20_26.xml) to my webserver at “/mydesktop/xml/”
  2. Old comm file is deleted (commaus_2016-03-09_08-15-10_25.xml)
  3. New XML file (commaus_2016-03-09_09-18-20_26.xml) is renamed to “ready-for-wpimport.xml”
  4. Wordpress looks for the XML file (ready-for-wpimport.xml) and imports it via CRON within wordpress

Is this possible to code with PHP or should I be looking elsewhere?

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yes. (though you’d have to set up cron yourself)

Cool well I guess thats a start.

Know any good php developers who could make this happen and for how much?

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