Where To start Developing a Web application in JavaJS,CSS,AJAX etc

Hi everyone

I want to develop a web application using Java,JS,CSS,Ajax

I have basic knowledge about all these technlogies but don’t know how to integrate all them into one and make a web application

I have basic knowledge about Struts,Hibernate,Spring…

Any technical advise for what should be structure,database,views I am looking for

Waiting for reply

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Have you tried any tutorials?

The Spring website has quite a few tutorials. There are also videos on Udemy.com which I have personally followed and enjoyed, but they are not free.

Before jumping straight into a Spring MVC tutorial or even a Struts2, you should get a basic working knowledge of how Servlets and Templating Engines work. You don’t need to necessarily go in depth and get stuck on pure Servlets.

There is also Java Server Faces, which is an MVC framework by Oracle.

And my personal favorite, Play Framework which is a little bit simpler and just as powerful. It’s more a full featured framework however. Struts2, Spring MVC, and JSF are more generic.

If you don’t know HTML, Javascript, etc. Then that’s a completely different topic. They are fairly easy to get started on and there are TONS of resources out there for them. Including stuff here.

OK? I don’t see how that matters. You’re not going to find a tutorial on that specifically, if that’s what you’re implying.

You asked how to get started. I told you where to start and gave some of the more popular framework options.

Do you have any sample web application or youtube video tutiorals that guide me on making a web application?

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a whole lot of free Java Web videos out there. Udemy has some good ones on Spring MVC and Java Servlets, but they are not free. There is also a video on the frontpage of the Play Framework I mentioned earier, that will take you through building a very basic site in 20 minutes. It’s really good, but it uses Coffeescript to render it’s jQuery.

ok thanks for reply