Where to purchase street map

If I’m making a website for a restaurant and I want a screen shot of a local street map. Where I can purchase that image to put on my site? I know it is illegal to take a screen shot of MapQuest or Google Maps and paste it on there.

But they both have features where you can put link to the map, and it will display on your website, don’t they? And that is legal. Why don’t you do that?

Yes, if you used Google “embed map” feature, it is possible and legal to embed their map on website. But doing a print-screen capture to get their graphics is not legal.

Normally, I would use the Google “embed map” feature. But it involves copying and pasting a piece of HTML code that they give you and pasting it on your website. I have a full Flash site which I can not paste HTML code. Therefore, I just need an image of the map.