Where to place 44 960px wide gif Charts

I have 44 gif color charts that I placed on ONE page in a column in my now defunct website.

They actually loaded well enough - on MY computer!

I’m in the beginning stages of learning HTML and CSS to design a new web site. (Yikes!)

I’m thinking that each chart (One per city) should have their own page so the user can select a city name from a list or buttons, and navigate to that page only.

I’ll have a different section with the same amount of charts but with different charted data.

See TEMPChart.gif attached.

Any views on this.



I’m guessing that 44 images that are each 960px wide would add up to quite a lot of kilobytes - you don’t want to be forcing that on every visitor, particularly if they’re only likely to be interested in one or two of them. Putting each chart on a separate page sounds like a sensible solution!

Placing them in seprate pages would be a good strategy. However there is something else you could do. One reason why your GIF images are so large is your gradient background. this may sound counter intuitive, but since all the images are the same size., you could recreate the BG ( w/o the chart) as a JPG. use it as the BG of a container element to your image ( the chart… by itself… which would be 8 or 16 colors transparent GIF)

That should make your make your pages load even quicker… . PLUS you can update the BG to each chart later … if you wish