Where to locate a Comments Form?

My website has lots of articles. At the bottom of each is a Comments section.

It has a header bar with “What do you think?” followed by buttons on the next line (e.g. ‘Add a Comment’, ‘Log In’, ‘Create an Account’). Lastly are the comments themselves which are one on top of another.

But where should I place my Comments Form to capture new comments?

Here are two options…

1.) When a Member clicks ‘Add a Comment’, I could swap out the Comments section I just described with a Comments Form.

2.) When a Member clicks ‘Add a Comment’, I go to a blank page and have a Comments Form there instead.

Option #1 is much harder to code, but has the benefit of allowing people to scroll up/down to see other people’s comments as they are commenting.

What do you think is a reasonable layout?


embedding the comments form (option 1) would be better. It is not that difficult with Javascript & jQuery.
Also see : disqus
Another option would be to port all articles to wordpress. There is big one-time effort; but worth it.