Where to go to promote my goofy blog?

I have a goofball blog - i put it on facebook, but i don’t know what else to do to get traffic. where are some good places to put it?

not here

try social networking and bookmarking sites like twitter, mybloglog and stumbleupon…


  1. Directory Submission
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Forum Posting
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Social media sites

Social bookmarking is a great way of driving traffic. I find Twitter is especially good for this. If you can build up a good network of followers on Twitter (which is done by contributing in a useful way - not just promoting your own stuff constantly), you’ll soon find that it will become a valuable source of traffic to your blog.

For good traffic, do social networking for your site. Promote your site in good social networking sites also do blog commenting. In facebook create your own group and invite people to join it is good way to increases the traffic for your website.


Social media and ppc is a good way initially promote any blogs


Other goofy sites, niche related of course.

Try making a sig link on a comedic forum. Make a few videos on youtube that are funny and put your link in the video.

  1. join with forum high PR
  2. social bookmarking
  3. Increase your SEO

A well optimised site combined with the frequent posting of fresh, new content will help draw in relevant traffic from the search engines.

It’s not going to happen over night, but one step at a time, it will begin to add up - the same applies to all the methods suggested here.

i wonder if the last few persons replying have even bothered to read the original question --[indent]where are some good places to put it? [my goofy blog][/indent]
how did this thread devolve to a general seo free-for-all???

Goofy blogs are much like any other blog. The same principles apply.

Try making the title incredibly easy to remember and posting it in random places on like a sticker or flyer. People will go there, just out of curiosity. That’s how things go “viral”.

Better use twitter to post your blog links and use blog directory submission.