Where to get Rid of Apple Computer?

I am looking to get rid of my sisters Apple computer. It’s about a month old, she got it off craigs list.

Should I try to resell it on there? Its expensive :X She just wants her money back, she’s worried she will lose a lot of her current computer skill by using it because everything is dumbed down.

She fell for the apple-hype and regrets it. I just feel bad for the next sucker that buys it and thinks they are going to accomplish something.

Local classifieds will soon see someone pick it up.
Or ebay or somewhere like that. You’ll be able to shift anything Apple fairly easily.

Ok Ill try craigslist and I guess these sell good

You can always load Windows on it. :slight_smile:

Haha. If there are people out there who think they can sell an old iPod Nano for $548, you might not have a problem reselling your Apple to the “next sucker”. :slight_smile:

LOL looks like a business to be in!