Where to get follow through links for online press releases?


Does anyone have a useful resource for where to get follow through links to your site?

I have been using sites like Hub Pages, Live Journal, Info Barrel and Squidoo so far which I would recommend

Any others suggested would be appreciated.

Best regards
Christian Strutt

When you say links are you referring to search focused link efforts or links that people actually use as a result of reading the article or summary of it?

Hi Ted - I was looking for both really. But mostly search focussed efforts, and for longtail organic traffic. Regards, Christian Strutt

Don’t specifically search for dofollow links as even if you manage to get a dofollow link and the webmaster later changed that to nofollow or removed that then your effort will be wasted. Think about gaining popularity and traffic by spreading the links in genuine way and without caring about the nature of the links.