Where to get certified

I work in the IT business and there are Certifications galore. C+, Microsoft, Comp TIA, Networking, etc etc the list goes on. I was curious if there are certifications for web designers and developers. I saw a few that Google actually had for SEO and Google certifications but they didn’t have much to do with actual web design. Any links or suggestions would be helpful, thanks.

There are but it depends if you are talking generic or specific languages e.g PHP or software program vendor certificates. If it’s generic web design then there isn’t really an industry standard as such and the bits of paper don’t tend to hold much weight globally other than to say you have set an exam of some form.

Adobe actually has their own certificates for designers. You may want to look into those.

Yea was thinking maybe proficiency certifications for adobe programs, or overall web standards/html type of certifications.

Really? Hmmm I will have to look into this. Thank you. I know they offer classes and seminars but did not know they offered testing.

The W3C offer courses in Mobile development: http://www.w3.org/Mobile/training/ . I don’t know if they have anything more general.

It might be worth speaking to some larger agencies to find out which are the more common certifications being requested. I like the idea of using Adobe, CompTIA etc as they are more recognised. I’ve had a friend take a number of Joomla certifications which has resulted in him picking up some excellent contracts.

for web development I would suggest you to for MCPD certifications of Microsoft, It will be very helpful for you at this stage. As I have already done this using self test engine questions and answers actually I got high grades. For Google SEO, there are open guidelines from Google in web master centeral blog and web master guidelines, there is also basic guide for beginners of SEO. Google has analtyics course which can help you how to use.