Where to find PSD web layouts?

What are good places to find PSD web layouts (free or paid)?

I have themeforest, grafpedia, but are there other places?

I would like to find nice PSD themes that I can modify in Photoshop and then code myself.


Theres alot of sites that you can go to buy a template and change it around.

Your best bet is just designing it yourself though.

I can use Photoshop but I am just not a very good designer.

The trouble is that most of the PSD templates out there are very “Web 2.0” or really over the top with the graphics. So I take them and tone them down to look more like small business sites (2 or three column with a header).

If I start designing a small business site from scratch they all turn out the same so I start with something wild and go the other way.

you can search on google or search for PSD template torrent you will find 1000 or PSD files

Not all designs have to be “web 2.0”. If fact: I truly think web 2.0 designs are kinda out of trend/style.

Take a look at some different layouts - http://www.cssbeauty.com/

There’s tons of more links available with just a quick simple search on Google.

templatemonster.com of course

Ran into this the other day:

Very nice. Thanks!

I guess modifying any of those psd would be nice. I’d really not want to do that unless I’m creating a blog out of it though.