Where to find Google Analytics Audience overview

It has been quite some time I had a look at Analytics. After having installed a new website I added the the Analytics tags and it doesn’t look the way it used to be or at least the way I had for my previous website. I guess I missed something when defining the tag but what.

Below is what I use to see on the left hand side and what I am seeing now.

I am missing the “Audience” section and in particular the overview show below


Any clue what should I tweak to get it back ?

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Yeah Google Analytics version 4 is pretty new in the last 6 months or so I believe. They have pretty much redefined what Audience even means. In the new dashboard you build audiences by segmenting your visitors according to some metrics. Not just the general “audience” you were use to.

I think what you might be interested in, what was audience before, is the Acquisition > Overview screen. There you can get an idea of who is coming to the site and from where. In other words, “how did you acquire a visitor”

I can’t say I am sold on v4 and have yet to convert any of my properties over to it. They want to show a lot of info but it is making the waters a bit murky for the casual user. Information overload I find.

Quick Youtube video describing the analytics 4 user interface. You probably want to check out around 2:36 time frame to see what I think you might be looking for.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Indeed they are adding more information on a regular basis.
When my clients, who are people not very computer savvy, are looking into it they are overwhelmed by the amount of data available and how to use them.

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