Where to find a transparent image of a wine glass or beer mug?


Im looking after a site for someone right now and need to add 1 icon to the header but have no idea where to look for it.

The icon needs a transparant background to go into the header, you can see it here.

Its the only thing I need but have no idea where to look (Everything I have found has a solid background that wont work)…hoping someone that knows graphics could point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

It would have to be white so it fits in with the other icons.


Most pictures do have a solid background… then you go to photoshop, select it and remove it to make it transparent :slight_smile:

If only I had photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to use another laptop but won’t have it for a week.
Can photoshop can used on more than 1 laptop?


You can use the trial version… else, use GIMP which is free :smiley:

If you cannot use Photoshop go for GIMP.

There are some tutorials on GIMP that should let you cutout the background for a picture such as Wineglass on a white table.

Make sure that you save your image as a GIF or PNG with transparency enabled.

For Free images just do a google image search and then specify at the advanced search options to look for “images for modification and commercial purposes”.

Flickr and Morguefile are also great sites to look for these.

GOod Luck!