Where to find a programmer?


I have had a project idea that involves both local software development that interfaces with an online website/database. It’s a solid idea however, being the guy that is living pretty much paycheck to paycheck, I can’t fund this project myself.

I wondering if anyone can point me in the direction as to where I can find a programmer who might be interested in partnering? I don’t even know where to begin online.

Any suggestions would be great.


Some links to start you off:

However, it can be difficult to find quality programmers online and get reliable people, so if you have any developer groups / computer lectures near you, consider going along to find people.


why does the software development have to be local?

By local I think he means software that runs on a PC rather than a web service.

getafreelancer.com I heard is decent. Digital Point Forums although is probably the best place, post in their programming section.