Where to buy trivia questions and answers

Hi there,

I’m working on an online quiz. For this project I need 3.000+ trivia questions with multiple answers (with only one of them being correct naturally). The questions/answers do not need to be unique to this project.

Does anyone know where to buy such a pack or have them produced?


I don’t think there is anywhere you can buy pre-written questions and if there were, I imagine there are already a zillion sites that are using them.

I would look at some things like “this day in history” and create questions from those facts. However, it really depends upon what subject you want to cover with your trivia questions. What you want to do is find fact pages, i.e. sports facts, political facts, movie facts – and use them to write your own questions.

I’ve never heard of anyone offering this sort of service. I wonder if there would be a demand for it. Let us know if you find anything.

Depending on your budget, you could consider hiring someone to create the questions in bulk. I can’t imagine that it would be too difficult, and it might appeal to a student or a retired person.



Don’t you just love Google?

Dang. Those are pretty obscure questions.

OP: I imagine that you could hire someone to do it. It’d take a long time, though - 60 minutes, 5 questions per minute= 10 hours x 8bucks = $80 total?

If they are easily found on Google chances are they are already in use on several other websites.

Actually, it wouldn’t be that difficult to create the questions in bulk. I’ve got a vague idea for doing it in a semi-automatic way.

For example, suppose you had a list of US states and their capitals. That should be easy to find. A half-way competent programmer could then write a little script to generate the question, “What is the capital of XXX?”, and another to generate, “YYY is the capital of which state?” That’s 100 question straight off.

Next, get a chronological list of British monarchs. Write a script to generate “Who succeeded AAA to the British throne?” and “Who did BBB succeed to the British throne?”. Do the same sort of things with US presidents, Canadian prime ministers, whatever.

I would think with a bit of imagination and some moderate programming skills, you’d soon get several tens of thousands of questions. The only problem would be sorting them out and deciding which ones to use.


there is a web site that provides trivia questions to game developers and pub quiz hosts, tv shows etc…, they have over 300,000 questions

Thanks for posting that. This is a pretty old thread, and the original questioner doesn’t appear to have been back here lately. But other forum membes might be interested in the site you linked to. It certainly looks like a useful service for those who are willing to pay the price. I wonder if they get many customers.