Where to buy legit web site traffics


I was browsing through the marketplace section and saw quite a few “sending web site traffics” offer such as traficattack.org the will send 100,0000 Visitors - $30. How does this building traffic method work? Are they safe to purchase? Or could you suggest some other traffic building companies?

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don’t take this kinds of offers & don’t waste your money… do it manually share your site information in network sharing site like twitter, facebook… you can increase your traffic…
" in organic SEO not relevancy to search engine" you got visitors from package not a quality visitors no one use…

Does this kind traffic really “getting in” to your website? Or just like a quick look like those PTC sites are doing?

Hi Peter,

Don’t go with this types of offers, These types companies are give you "ONLY CLICKS" on your website.
You will get daily, only spamming traffic for your website.
This type of traffic considering Black Hat.

It is useless traffic and if you use Google Adsense, you will be banned!
It is easy to get all these untargeted traffic, you just need to join traffix exchange sites.

Google also suggested to avoid traffic purchase especially for Adsense Publishers as they are untargeted traffic. I think the funds can be better spend on other marketing channels such as article writing / distribution.

Thank you for your quick reply Rob!


Peter I do not think that is good idea though. If you want to buy traffic you can do that, but I think that would be irrelevant to your web site and you will simple lose people there.
Do not waste your money.