Where to buy cheap Dreamweaver software?

It can be Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver CS3, etc? I have tried eBay and all the cheap ones are for the student version which requires proof of student status, which I am not.

Adobe fixes the price on these products so buying a cheap license will be difficult.

It’s always worth looking at Amazon for software as their prices are often very competative, plus they also sell pre owned as well.

Check ebay…you may find previous versions for a good price. I still use dreamweaver mx 2004 and it is great.

You may have to keep checking back before you find a good deal but if you’re patient, it can happen.

I picked up a working, totally legal copy of Dreamweaver Studio 2004 MX for a whopping $35… including shipping.
But be careful! Pirated copies abound. I got burned thinking I was getting Dreamweaver 8 for $50. I neglected to research the seller… (something I’m almost habitual about, but this time I bid without looking). The seller had no previous sales and the location was in Malaysia. I actually tried to retract my bid, but it was such a ordeal that I wasn’t able to do it. After I won, it had “Pirated” all over it. Digital download and to top it off, the seller cancelled his membership immediately after the auction.
But that’s not to say you still can’t get good deals. I saw a few just this week. I want to say there where a few for Studio MX under $100. I recall one that was still less than $50 that was about to end.

Here’s 3 that I’m checking out. Still 3 days left, but what the heck?
Dreamweaver CS - Used
Dreamweaver 8
Brand New Dreamweaver CS3

Dreamweaver 2004 MX is also an option.

Good Luck.