Where to ask a JavaScript feature? A new command I think can be nice?

Where to ask a JavaScript feature? A new command I think can be nice?

A Google search of “Javascript feature request” yielded nothing relevant. In a similar search regarding ECMAscript I found this, though not sure it’s the appropriate place.

Please no comments like “No one in the JS development team is going to listen to you, this is futile”. Please, if you know a place or an email or a tip on going the other way around — All will be most welcome.

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I would imagine the way to go about asking for an new ECMAScript feature would be to create an issue on that repo you linked.

However, if you’re serious about this, you should try to make sure that your feature is not included in any of the newest standards (ES6/ES2015+) or current official proposals.


That would be the ES Discuss mailing list. Out of curiosity, what feature do you have in mind? :-)


Sure @m3g4p0p The feature (I already suggested via the mailing list this morning), is a stop command.

A stop command tells a JS interpreter “Go back to the start of the code”.

When an event is triggered, the interpreter will run again, until the stop.

This can be useful in this particular case.

Though I already got a response that this cannot be done easily as not always the code is linear and can even change drastically in such a way that the interpreter couldn’t know what is the starting point (though this could be fixed with a start command so to form a start-stop segment, at least in some cases, I guess).

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Generally speaking the thing to do is to find the standard and from that find the procedure to propose new features.

The ECMAScript standard is Standard ECMA-262. Go to the website home page and click on “Technical Committees” in the menu on the left. Then click on “TC39 ECMAScript”. If you search the internet for tc39 then you will find additional help.

You need to describe the new feature in details. Your current description might not be sufficient. Think about it; if a non-technical person was to ask you to modify a program then you might have many questions about the details of what they need. From the point of view of the person asking for the change it might be simple and obvious but as the developer it might not be.

The improvement needs to have sufficient general-purpose use and not have an existing solution. If it is just a new way to do something that can be done then it is less likely to be accepted even if it is a simplification of an existing feature.

You need to understand the language well enough to be confident that the intended uses of the new feature do not have reasonable alternatives. I suspect that your intended use of the “stop” feature is something that can be done in other ways. Are you familiar with a comparable feature for another language?

I really doubt that the “stop” feature is something that ECMAscript experts would consider a good feature. I really doubt that it offers a better way to do what it could be used to do.

One final note. You need to discuss the feature in a forum of people that are accustomed to being theoretical and conceptual. These forums are good for solving problems but I have become very frustrated with members here with something that is theoretical and conceptual.

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Are you familiar with how the Event Loop works?

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Hmm, no, I will now read that article, but please if you have anything to add for me to read later, please share with me. Thank you for letting me know of this concept

As a JS newcomer I read all of the article but didn’t understand all I’ve read. I understand the concepts of heap, queue, and stack. I know what blocking and non blocking (I guess - Starting a process only when one is finished and starting several process the same time), sync and async, val and it’s intervals. It seems to me that functions are processed after commands outside of function. There is a minimal time (between 0 to 1?)…

I might miss the association between this and my issue.

You should understand where a suggestion like this would fall in the event loop and how it will effect other things, since it’s a direct manipulation of an application flow. Would it be blocking? How does it effect the queue? If it’s not blocking what if other things change state? Lots of questions that you should answer before suggesting a new feature like this.

I feel like there could be a simpler solution to your problem with already existing features. Using callbacks, promises, async/await, breaks, or even just simple recursion are the first things that come to mind.

Pardon me for being blunt, but this looks like a request to implement the PHP exit() command.

It’s frequent that we see people wanting to do with JavaScript things that are done in other languages, because that’s all they know - without taking the time to understand how JavaScript works.

Douglas Crockford tried to bring Java stuff over to JavaScript. It was only when he stopped to take the time to investigate JavaScript more closely, and it’s Scheme/Lisp heritage, that he began to understand the true nature of JavaScript, and was then able to come up with some truly visionary insights.


The problem was an hidden instance of the button that opens the modal menu.

Implementing the script for new instances allowed the desired behavior.

Here is an extensive explanation and answer.

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