Where to Announce my new website?

Recently I created my new Social Bookmarking websites:

I am currently looking for methods to make people hear about it.

Can you please recommend the websites where should I announce my new site to make it popular.


Facebook & Twitter. They seem to be quite popular.

I would submit a couple of articles about your site to ezine article directory. This will get your site noticed and get you some traffic.

Try facebook, twitter and youtube. Not only you will make people aware of your sites, but you will also create a community and you can keep in contact with them about new features or milestones.

Use SMO, Forum Posting on friendly Webmaster related forums showing your signature, Blog commenting, Twitter, etc. But always obey the rules, you don`t wanna be a spammer :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of ways - spread it through social networking sites like facebook, twitter, friendster, myspace,etc.; through social bookmarking sites; forum sites; directory sites; article directories; and other online indexers out there.

Dear Blog posting, or forum posting. are the method to promote your product or facebook, LinkedIn and twitter are always the next better option.

You can submit your site in forums, bookmarking, directory, classifieds

Best way to make people use your site is to promote it on Webmaster forums, Seo forums, do a little blog commenting and promote it on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. But my oppinion is that for a Social Bookmarking forum posting is best.


Write articles and submit them to relevant article directories, use your bio and resource box to direct people to your new Social Bookmarking website. By doing this way you will make people to be aware of it.