Where should I post my online product to show affiliates?


My name is Kurt and I created an online jump training product. We use Clickbank to do our processing. I’m totally new to this and I’m wondering where I should go to show our product to potential affiliate marketers to see if they want to promote it.

I want to respect the forum rules. Can anyone offer any advice?


Hi plyotower1 welcome to the forum

Give this a read

Thanks Mittineague,

I’ve read through all of that and found some helpful information.

I’m still unclear if there is a specific place on this forum for posting products available for affiliates. And, for that matter, if there are other places it makes sense to “announce” my product to affiliates.

Not here, no. The SitePoint forum is a web development forum, not a place to ask for or to offer business relationships.

I don’t know of any, but others might. The obvious place to me would be on your website.

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I’m a new guy here too. My name is Bill. If you’re using Clickbank I assume you have a digital product. I could be wrong I think they have physical products as well. There are tons of ways to get affiliates interested in marketing your product. You can look at joining groups on Facebook. Look for groups like “Make Money Online” “Affiliate Networking”. Get creative with how to approach them. Like you did here announce yourself as new to group and thought some marketers would be interested in “X”.

You know you can setup your own affiliate in Wocommerce. https://winningwp.com/how-to-set-up-an-affiliate-program-with-woocommerce/

I hope that helps. I have a bunch of things you could do to sell your own products.

Right on, thanks guys. I’m just starting out in this so I really appreciate the feedback.

Yeah, Bill, it’s a digital product. I’ve just starting using Clickbank’s affiliate setup. I’ll keep looking for places where I can showcase our product to interested affiliates. I have lots to learn :slight_smile:

What is your product?

It’s a jump training program (several, actually) for volleyball, basketball, and to some extent, football players. There are a few others out there but they’re mostly catered to male basketball players. Ours is currently targeted to female volleyball players (the 2nd most popular sport in the world and country). We’ve built an elaborate marketing funnel with landing pages, email funnels, etc. We’re trying to bootstrap traffic to start, then purchase PPC once we get some sales…

You can reach out to influencer directly and ask if they would help you promote.

there are many classifieds and business listing sites online… you can use image of your product and your your ad there