Where is the best place to build a site?

ok i recently had a site taken down on weebly, just when it was getting some good quality traffic.
does anyone know a good place where i can build a site thats easy to use.

Well, I never used Weebly, but by advice is to purchase a low cost hosting and just use one of the sitebuilders most hosting companies offer. You can buy a hosting plan for less than $2 a month and just use the sitebuilder, which is incredibly easy to work with. That way you should not worry about your site taken down or have pesky ads on it.

If you want a free blog site then use word-press because It’s too easy to use in sense of customization and you can also use it’s paid version which is more comprehensive because In paid version you will be able to use the different plugins.

wix.com, Google sites , windows live spaces, weebly,Hubpages,Wordpress

Well since it looks like you don’t really know what you’re doing I’d recommend you any CMS service you can find. Etc.: Joomla, WordPress, Magento.

I would suggest WordPress is best option to create a website which is both user friendly and seo friendly ,

ok thanks chaps. looks like wordpress is the way to go.

If you want ultimate control of every small detail then hand coding is the way to go. In Dreamweaver or other

PT is spot on!

If you have a message for the world, CREATE it on a test server (your own computer).

Then you can upload to any host which provides excellent service (uptime; WebHostingBuzz has been exceptional for my three accounts) at a reasonable price (to me, that means WHB) and top notch staff (again, WHB excels).

As PT says, though, know what your code is doing. There are far too many threads her about WordPress accounts being hacked so, take heed, you need to do more work (constantly) to keep WP up to date to prevent Script Kiddies from using newly discovered hacks and defacing every WP installation which is not up to date.



Wordpress is probably the best CMS on the market right now. It is freeware and it is so customizable.
Keep in mind that they have a HUGE developer following so you won’t be short of templates and plug-ins.

First off I think we need to know what type of server you’re building on? If Linux then yes Wordpress would be your best option, but if Windows and site is in .Net then I would say Umbraco. Also, is this for an e-commerce website or a business website?

Wordpress is only the ‘best’ option for a website if low cost, and a lack of unique character are fine, and you’re happy to trade the initial convenience for a long term commitment in maintenance and a high security risk. It’s certainly not best in code quality, security, or for a focused purpose other than blogging.

If you’re going to down that route of reasoning, then ANY site is hackable in the right hands. Even Facebook which we’ve recently seen and they use straight PHP coding from some of the best programmers in the world. Simply put, Wordpress is the best , easiest and most scalable cms solution on the market and as long as you do things right and know what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t have any issues. My clients love it and we’ve had Zero security issues.

As I stated in my previous post, if security is a main concern, then you should be building in .Net like all banks and financial institutions. If e-commerce then Magento is the best, heads over any other e-commerce platforms.

If you really want free Website , then go Google site ,wordpress ,blogger

In my opinion, relative to many better CMS, the wordpress backend is shambolic and by default, it has poor UX to anybody inexperienced with content management. It’s also hardly a paragon of scalability, it almost always requires additional plugins to handle more than a handful of visitors. Popularity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, just like choice of language doesn’t equate to security. I used to be a wordpress fan, but as I learned more as a developer I realised there are better options. Don’t take criticism of your chosen platform personally.