Where is Revenue Coming From?

Recently on Google Adsense I have noticed that the current or previous days revenue is more than what my websites seem to have made. I have them all listed in URL channels so I can see how much is made from each domain. Here is an example of what I mean:

              [B]Estimated earnings[/B]

top channels $1.50

domain1. com $1.00
domain2. com $0.00
domain3. com $0.00

Why does it say I have made $1.50 yesterday in this example when my domains only show $1.00?

could be your adsense id is displayed somewhere else, like google’s cache or revenue sharing sites (you should know about them).

Do you use individual channels or URL channels?

If you use individual channels it might be that you missed an Ad Unit.
Like James said Google Cache is also an option.

I often see clicks on Ad units I no longer use which must come from some search engine caches.

hi, yes i now have all my websites using url channels. I used to use individual channels but i’m getting rid of those lately. If it is a channel though it wil list it in there anyway so I guess it must be from old channels or an old domain that is still getting cached etc.