Where is JOMAX.NET hosted at?

Does anyone know where JOMAX.NET is hosted from?

This is the DNS server for a website that blatantly took one of my webpages and publised it on their website.

I just need to know where they are hosting at so I can have my attorney contact the hosting company to request removal.

I think its GoDaddy .

you can find more information on it from the following url. http://www.whois.sc/JOMAX.net

Great thanks!

I’m sending them a detailed email requesting that they remove my copyrighted material from their server so I don’t have to sue them!

GoDaddy has plenty of assets, so litigation won’t be a problem if they don’t do the right thing here.

GoDaddy appears to be the registrar of the domain, not necessarily the webhost. GoDaddy may be able to disable their domain name, but it is their webhost you have to go after (I’m not sure who that host is though ;))


My bad… seems all roads lead to godaddy! (Can someone else verify this aswell)?

Yep, it’s Go Daddy

DNS Report:

Nameservers are at “SECURESERVER.NET

A WHOIS of that comes up with this:

A WHOIS of GoDaddy.com shows the same mailing address and nameservers:

Third opinion…GoDaddy it is!

If you have to sue them, see if the girl from the Super Bowl commercials is looking for secretarial work at my company. No skills of any type necessary.

I was already thinking about an out of court settlement involving their girl, a hot tub, and no clothing :cool: !

I know its old an old thread, but someone lifted my website and put it as their own. Again JOMAX.NET is in the admin email and secureserver…

What exactly should i do here? Any advice please!

Sneak in to their office during lunch time and
put Elmer’s Glue on all their office chairs!

yep lol well…seriously can the OP tell me the course he took and the outcome?

Do you mean your web site (domain name) was hijacked? Or someone forget to renew the domain name?