Where is everyone?

I figured I’d wait a bit to send this out… but where is everyone? I’ll admit (I may have already) that I haven’t had a chance to really go through the material in depth, but I can’t have been the only person to be further interested in developing their business acumen who ended up buying the kit! I tried to attend the webinar, but with so much going on, it turned out to be at a bad time and I missed most of what was happening.

With that said, I’m hoping that this place becomes a hub for like-minded businesspeople, but if not, I’m curious as to why not and where everyone’s at!

Hope to hear from the crowd out there,

–Casey E. Palmer

Of course you aren’t the only person. The forum is not very active yet because it is brand new. This forum is private, only for persons who bought the Business Marketing Kit (like you and I).

I think it will take a bit of time for people to realize that they have a new service here to make the most of their kits. It will be probably easier for new buyers :smiley:

That’s totally fair. It’s really handy for me that the PDF version was supplied as well; I’m going to get an iPad and likely start to wrap my head around things while on vacation. I look forward to filling my head with knowledge, and discussing ideas here upon my return in late June :slight_smile:

You’re lucky then… when I bought it, there was no PDF version. I love to have things in paper, of course. It is easier to read for me and my eyes don’t get so tired. But a PDF version would come handy too :smiley:

6 months on… where is everyone?

… starting to fear my investment…
… think positive thoughts!

I’ll be fine.

Hi all.

Beg your pardon? what do you mean with this?

Uh oh, I hope you’re doing okay :frowning: I have yet to read the materials or really go into starting my own business; I’ve been getting busier and busier with the day job, while trying to sort out all of the projects I do in my spare time. I recently went about hiring a friend as help to sort it out, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back in that direction soon! What’s going on with your business?

That’s a smart decision. Nobody can do it all so it is great to delegate if you can. Or finding the right partner to share the load.

Glad to know that you’re doing something to reach your goal because that’s the only way to reach it… do something! :wink:

In my case, well, I’m reconsidering my goals and how I want to handle my own business. A few personal issues have come along the way as well as the international financial crisis. The crisis is a bit annoying but I can handle that. The personal stuff is always more complicated. But I can’t complain and things improve day by day. But I think that I want somebody else to talk to the customers… sometimes I feel like I should kill them really slowly :stuck_out_tongue: