Where is edit signature?

When i goto my sitepoint, I don’t see edit signature :frowning:
And when I clicked the link of edit signature through other thread, I see that you don’t have permission for putting signature.
Is it a bug ? or kept on for purpose ?
Can anyone tell what can be the reason for it ?

You have to be a member for at least 90 days before you can add/ edit a signature.

You have to wait at least 90 days from joining before you can have a Signature because a lot of Spammers abuse the SPF with fake links and so forth. After 90 days from joining you should be able to create one.

Oh…k, got it :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering my question so soon.
Moderators please close this thread

hey is there nay one hele where is signature option thnx.?

You’ll have to wait 90 days before you can add a signature. Once them 90 days are up you’ll then find an option on UserCP (via the My SitePoint link) to add a signature.

we have to be patience to have those :wink:

dear admin this is not fair

90 days after u giving me signature

i like this site plz giving me signature as soon as possible ur brother bunty

admin m so upset plz help me as soon as possible

90 days so big time we wait 3 month this is not fair.

They aren’t going to give you special case treatment over the signature and the 90 days wait… Everyone who joins gets the same treatment; so even if it doesn’t seem fair it’s evenly distributed. In either case only the Admin would be able to alter such things and she isn’t going to do that on a whim.

Look at it this way, 90 days gives you plenty of time to make a lot of helpful knowledgeable posts so that when you do have a Signature, other members may actually pay attention to it.

For Signature, there are any other condition’s also?
Like you have make 10 post daily ETC,

No, there’s only the 90 day requirement. Nothing else :slight_smile:

I think that we should put a big signal saying “you’re link to edit your singature will be here once you’ve been a member for 90 days”

We should, and it’s already on the to do list if I’m not mistaken :slight_smile:

Actually there are some definite rules and regulation of every Forum. We cannot avoid that. We must have to wait 90 days for our editing signature. Don’t worried about it. it is a part of system.

Prajuka… it is great that you think that way… next time, please, comply with what you preach :slight_smile:

mmm is that signature automatic or we should ask admin to activate it?

You don’t need an admin to activate it. After 90 days you’ll have the option to edit your signature by clicking on “MySitePoint”.

Vielen Dank, i got it :slight_smile: