Where is edit post?

please help me

As this is your first and only post so far I have to wonder why you’re asking. You can’t edit others’ posts only your own.

Anyway, you should see an “edit” button to the lower right of your post, but only for @1/2 hour then it’s permanent. Best to think about what you’re posting and “preview” before you submit.

Was that your doing? I didn’t think this forum would sink to inconveniencing users that way.
Don’t bother to explain the rationale, having had this discussion with other sysops, I know I’m not going to believe a word of it.

:lol: Whether you believe it or not doesn’t change the facts.

No, it isn’t my doing, it’s a vBulletin thing.

Which is more inconveniencing to members, a limited edit window or SPAM left by late-edits?