Where is code that causes email lightbox signup form?

How do I look for the file(s) that are causing my lightbox email form to pop-up on the home page to fire? I can see where the code is via Chrome / Inspect Element / event listeners, but where is that code located? I want to comment out code for our home page lightbox as we’re not using it anymore.

A link to the site in question, would probably help members to help you. :winky:


Thank you!

We’re trying to get rid of the pop-up email signup form and just use the one in the footer.

Hi there bubberz,

I am not seeing a “pop-up email signup form”. :unhappy:

Have you resolved the problem?


Not yet…thanks for checking the URL though. Since this is a 3rd party tool, I’m wondering if another team member fixed a setting/property. I’ll check that…thank you!

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