Where i can get CS4 tutorials?

Hi Please tell me where i can get CS4 Tutorials?

wanted to post here the link but i can’t because the now allow to post link for user with less then 5 post so just make a search in google there are enough sites

:frowning: yes you are right. Hope you will back after 5 posts.

Thanks for reply.

Tutorials for Photoshop CS4? I can’t speak so much for other Adobe products, but Photoshop changes very little over versions.

You could be running Photoshop 7 and be following a tutorial that someone wrote using Photoshop CS4 without a problem (and vice versa). It’s just a matter of whether you’re missing a major feature (that the tutorial is likely to be based around).

Hopefully that made sense, but anyway, you can find heaps of tutorials at the two major tutorial sites: Good-Tutorials and [URL=“http://www.pixel2life.com/”]Pixel2Life.

Thanks for reply. But who tell you adob have little changes in over versions? may other then cs4 have little changes but CS4 is very different. and i thin a little bit difficult too :frowning:

Adobe TV has several video tutorials for CS4 and videos introducing the new featues. Here is the list of episodes for Illustrator, for example:


Also try searching the tutorials at Layers magazine. They range from CS2 to CS4, so might find something useful.

Might want to do a search on Youtube too. There’s usually quite a few video tutorials for various programs. I’m sure there’s plenty of resources for CS4 by now.

hope some of this helps. :slight_smile:

Just try to search the ilimoned.com. there are tutorials there.