Where Has Tommy Gone?!

Not entirely sure that this should be a thread but lets see what happens!

Is anyone in contact with Tommy (AutisticCuckoo) outside of the SP Forums? According to his profile he hasn’t been on since 1st September, that’s nearing 3 months now! He used to be on everyday too. I miss him not being on here anymore :frowning: Is he alright, or is he just busy with work?


Andrew Cooper

Afaik, he’s alright just doesn’t visit SPF anymore for his reasons.

He is perfectly fine and he’ll probably be phoning me in a couple of week’s time again, anyway.

Nothing to worry about; I’ll tell you if he has an accident or anything major relating to his health or well-being since he won’t be likely to post in the SP forums this year.

He still visits occasionally but doesn’t want to post anything.

Oh, I see. Well it’s good to know he’s all right and in good health! Pretty bummed out that he isn’t on the SP Forums anymore though. How would one go about contacting Tommy outside of the SP Forums then…?

Tommy, if you’re reading this thread - Please come back! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper