Where do I report errors?

I’ve noticed an error in a Sitepoint course, but I have no idea how to report it. The contact page mentions opening a support ticket from the Support Portal, but it doesn’t seem to have that functionality. Do I just email support@sitepoint.com about an error in a course? Did I miss a form somewhere?


Hi Frungi welcome to the forum

It’s the tail end of the weekend so it’s a bit quieter than a weekday, but I wanted to let you know that someone more in the know about SitePoint courses should be here soon.

Try emailing the people at books@sitepoint.com. They might be able to help you out.

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@Frungi — Each course on Premium has a Discussion tab next to the Contents tab, so that might be a place to raise issues.

If you find an error in a book, you can post an issue on the book’s GitHub repo: https://github.com/spbooks

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