Where did the article comments go? (and why are ads posted as articles now?)



Have commenting on articles on this site been completely killed?
I can find no trace of them anymore, and no mentioning of it here.
Its like they never existed.

Too bad if that's true.
I used to come here to learn, and knowing that bad info in an article would be challenged by readers, was a big part of that.

Now lots of articles seem to be of the sort:
"10 reasons why this service/product/framework X (that I either built myself, or who pays me to sell it) Is the mostest super great thing in the universe ever!"

Is it possible that there is a connection between that decline and the removed comments?



iam also searching for the comments


im new here.
maybe thats the reason i cant find the respective commentsection below articles
(for example: "Installing Multiple Versions of Node.js Using nvm").
thank you
and greetings


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I don't know whether the removal of comments is a temporary measure or a long-term one. The main site is separate from the forums, so it would need somebody from SitePoint HQ to give a definitive answer. I'll see if I can get someone to explain.


Hi everyone.

I can confirm that commenting on SitePoint.com has been disabled temporarily, as there were reports of a glitch in the system, which did not display a user's comment, despite them having left a message.

This is obviously not a good user experience, and so a decision was made to disable the commenting function until a fix could be applied.

Please bear with us as we investigate solutions.



Hi everyone!

Angela from SitePoint HQ again. Just wanted to pop in to provide everyone an update on the comments function on SitePoint. After a bit of investigation the team has now been able to successfully re-enable commenting on our posts on site.

So please feel free to hop over to sitepoint.com to provide your comments in posts or back here to let us know if you have any other feedback.



I have two options for an answer.

  1. The forum lost its popularity and lost to its competitors.
  2. This is truly a global problem.
    I also notice fewer comments. If earlier it was possible to “live” on forums - to make acquaintances and update the page, looking forward to an answer, now the content does not suggest for a feedback.