Where could I get some link exchanges?

Where could I get some link exchanges?
I am a new here,and I dont konw how can I get some link exchanges.
Can you give me some advice?tell me some forums or websites whcih just do work?

I dont speak English very well ,sorry for that
My site is <snip> pr2 It has no link.:bawling:

Are you making this stuff up? This is NOT what link exchanges are!

Yes, you are wrong.
Link exchanges are NOT black hat.
Link exchanges will NOT get you penalised

Link exchanges are considered to be a black-hat SEO practice. Refrain from it or you might get penalised.
May be you can try what Google calls natural link exchange. You can contact a local business owner and exchange links with his website. I had read somewhere that such a link exchange won’t harm you.
Guys please correct me if I am wrong…

I know the feeling, I looked into link exchanges based off googling “seo” as soon as i saw the ads pop up and read 2 sentences into the line of crap i passed. It is very hard to develop good quality links when you have a site that only has one purpose, I sell satellite receivers, there’s not much to blog about, not much to say other than what it is, is what it is, and there’s not much content to that, certainly nothing i have people beating my doors down to link to…

This brings up a point I’ve been wanting to discuss for some time.

In reading through the stickies here and articles elsewhere, I often see “link exchanges” denounced as a useless or even harmful technique.

By “link exchanges”, do you mean irrelevant link exchanges, such as those brokered by third-party websites with the sole end of increasing PageRank? Or do you mean all 2-way linking, even with relevant sites? If the former, I understand. If the latter, I remain puzzled as to how certain types of sites would otherwise receive any volume of incoming links?

I can see how content-heavy sites such as blogs can attract links naturally; they add value to the linking sites. But how do you get an appreciable number of one-way inbound links for a strictly commercial site which exists only to sell something? Not every website can provide a large amount of broadly interesting information that other people would want to link to, but every website certainly needs inbound links.

So reciprocal linking is still a valid way to improve your SEO? I am talking about relevant links now sites that relate to one and other in some way.

thank you very much. Its useful:lol:


if you can increase your PR without doing link exchanges, then what is the purpose of doing link exchanges?

Why do you even want link exchanges for?
They have not much use for years.

I think the best approach will be look for the site which is quite similar with your and ask them if they are interested to share link with you. I think way you will get quality link too. But before that try to increase your PR.

So which forum or site can I post this message?

can u post the details of your site so that if anyone find your site appropriate then they can approach for it

Where can I find sites that are relevant to my industry?I means how can I find those webmasters.

And if you means ‘editorial’ links?

If you don’t know what your industry is and what websites are relevant to it then I don’t think we can help you here … to contact the webmaster, go to the site and look for a link that says “contact” :rolleyes:

‘Editorial’ links are those that someone on the other website has to approve and add themselves. So for example, on Sitepoint, anyone can put a link in a forum post, so these links don’t have a lot of value. But a link in an article, that’s different. Only the editor or author can put that link in, so if they are linking to another site, that suggests that that site is worth looking at.

When I talk about “link exchanges”, I should possibly more correctly say “link farms” … sites that exist purely to provide backlinks to every spammer around.

If you’re talking about getting links from specific, targeted, relevant websites, I normally describe that as “building links”, or possibly “reciprocal linking” if it’s a two-way street. That is a good strategy - not only for SEO but also for direct traffic.

you can do blog commenting to get more backlinks, you can set you email on gmail alert and type in there the keyword, they will send you blogs that is related to your keyword. from there just choose dofollow blogs and do commenting that is relevant to their post. don’t just put links, comments must make sense

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I mean to say at least wait till you get 1 or 2 so that when you approach other site they will be interested because no one to get link exchanged with 0 PR site.

My advice is … don’t even think about link exchanges.

At best, search engines will ignore them completely. At worst, they will actively penalise you for using underhand (black hat) tactics.

Yes, by all means try to get links from sites that are relevant to your industry, but you need to get links that have some value. A link exchange has no value at all.