Where can you chat with devs?

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been getting into web dev a lot (trying to get a dev job) and wondered where I can meet developers to chat with and get to know? I know places like this, reddit and other forums are good but not for the running chat and catch up. I know there are meetups frequently but I live in country NSW right now and finding people with similar interests is a challenge.

I would really enjoy chatting to anyone on here about web dev or anything really considering if you are on here we already share web dev in common. If anyone has advice I would love to hear it otherwise please send me a message, I’d be happy to chat with anyone, regardless of age or location.



You could always try starting a meetup group (via something like meetup.com) for your local area. Perhaps you could even organize it so that people meet on Skype if there are big distances involved. Just a suggestion, anyway. :slight_smile:

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Yeah meetups are good, though the area I live in only has a small population and the closest town is 30 minutes drive away. I thought posting on here would bring some people out who would want to have a chat.

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Hopefully it will! :slight_smile:

Unfortunate that there were no takers, Reddit had a few people who took me up on the offer so I got that going for me. The offer still stands, if anyone on here, regardless of age, sex, nationality or location wants to chat about web development or anything for that matter please message me.

Hi Darren,

These forums are not just intended for those seeking/providing technical help, but also to create an online community where you can get to know the regulars and feel welcome. :slight_smile:

Why not create threads here on the forum for topics that you want to chat about? There are many people here who I’m sure would be interested to talk about web development with you, and for non-web related topics we have the Community category where you can find a lot of diverse discussions happening.


Very true. If you can think of a topic in the area of web dev that you want to talk about, got for it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something on the usage of HTML or CSS you want to understand more about, something on organising your code, the state of job opportunities, diversity in the industry, accessibility, design, IoT, anything really that either directly, or indirectly related to the business, then feel free to start something off. Not everyone will take off, but there’s a good spread of people from different parts of the world here, and there should be someone to share their own experience with you.

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