Where can I register these domains at cheaper price?


Please help me out! I want to register following domains at a cheaper price. (As I know, good/big domain registers charge above $25). Please suggest any good registrars.


and such other country domains.

thanks in advance

Some domain name extensions availible only for the residents and may cost more then $100 per domain name :goof:

I believe some ccTLD would worth you much more then $50 per month
Example: Tuvalu domain name .TV

I have found GoDaddy to have consistent low prices compared with other registrars. You may want to think about registering them all at one place to make life easier on you.

I think the regular pricing now is under $10

go for go daddy.com

You can contact me for specific domains and I will check. We supply at below $12 for most TLDs

I wish to register a .ca domain name. I’ve found CIRA which has a list of recommended Registrars. Pricing ranges from around $10/year up to $30/year.

What criteria should I use to chose a Registrar besides price?

I plan to register the name for 10 years.

It would seem to me that anything I want to do (ie mail redirection,etc) would be dependent on whoever hosts my website not on the who I registered the domain through.



I tend to search around for a while, whilst promo codes are great it’s sometimes best to look at domain companies within their own geo location for the best deals.

101domain has to offer most of the domain but is not exactly cheap

Look for Godaddy promotions, you might be able to register it with them at cheap prices.

I suppose they do not have all those domain names availible for the registration now.

I think namecheap can be good for this purpose but not sure if they support these all.

thank you guys!

Really? I thought there are should be at least several domain name registrars offering all-in-one services.

Since a number of those TLDs require that you be living in that country and you can’t be living in several different countries all at the same time there is no situation where any one person will be able to buy all those domains. With an international company they’d need to get the local branch to purchase the appropriate domains.

So only an international registrar with branches in all those countries would even be able to consider offering them all and since no one person would be able to buy all of them there is little point in offering them as an all in one service as that would just mislead people into thinking that they could buy them all only to have half of them reject because the person doesn’t meet the requirements.

I guess all these TLDs ccTLDs may not be available at ONE single place.
Good luck.

Well I suppose they might be diffrent domain name registrars for the various domain name extension. As some of them can offer special discounted price for the domain name extensions.
I’m seeing a lot of cctLD domain name extensions in your request and would like to let you know that you need to be a resident of the country they belong to.

It would be really amazing to see one person who actually lives in so many different countries all at the same time. Not quite as many as appear from a quick glance at the list though as several countries have been included multiple times.

There are a few countries listed there that don’t have a residence requirement -eg. Christmas Island, Micronesia, Cocos Keeling Islands, Western Samoa, and Tuvala.

Also quite a few that definitely do - such as China.

There are also some that you will not get anywhere for much under the price mentioned. For example you would pay about $20 per year for a .tel page (those domains come with a single page preset format and can’t be used for separate hosting.